Herb + Stone Beauty, LLC

Clay :: Stone :: Plant Seed Oils :: Essential Oils :: Salts

These are beauty products so fresh and effective, by simply using the precious gifts offered by the earth. No chemicals. No artificial ingredients you can't pronounce. Pure joy with every product. A gift for your skin, your soul and your mind. 


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Innovation :: Research :: Beauty :: Earth Conscious

Herb + Stone Beauty is a small (one-woman) company that began in July 2017 with the simple goal of creating beautiful skin care products from natural ingredients. My name is Kathleen George, the creator of Herb + Stone Beauty. I offer a range of beautiful handmade products using pure and/or organic ingredients. With total joy I offer you to indulge, partake, enjoy and thank you for supporting this small business of hand-crafted fine products.

Taking care of my skin at age 20 was easy...

although I know for many it isn't. As I got older, beauty seemed more complicated and time-consuming. Athough one good thing about getting older is you know what W O R K S and what doesn't.


I have always loved making things. Homemade remedies and painted cards and herb-infused anything...transitioning to skincare was exciting and natural for me.

The Power of Plants

Turning 40 made me want to dive even deeper into the world of organic skincare. I researched many popular brands and looked closely at the ingredients they used. In this way I learned about the over 150 ingredients that would become the stockpile of Herb + Stone Beauty ingredients.

Growing. Learning. Transforming

I am always working hard to improve products.

Herb + Stone Beauty, LLC is a place of happiness for me. I strive to create things that I want to use every day, for reasonable prices using high-quality ingredients. While most of my ingredients are organic, all are pure and trusted brands. I am able to purchase bulk herbs at my local natural foods store and have found some wonderful online ordering supply stores. I take my example from the many extraordinary leaders in this growing green-skincare market. Over the past year I have had the exciting opportunity to partner with local merchants, and am honored to offer these products to my community. I was also able to run a successful Kickstarter campaign and was able to launch an amazing project to redo all of Herb + Stone Beauty labels-and to feature each with a sturdy water/oil proof label with one of my original paintings-I am truly thankful for those amazing backers that made that dream a reality. Please know that I welcome comments, collaboration and community. 


~Kathleen George